Saturday, July 19, 2008

Things I have learned since becoming a mother

This is just a sampling.

  • You've heard of projectile spit-up right? Well, I found out there is such a thing as projectile poop. Word to the wise: if you are changing a diaper and notice that your baby is still pooping, don't stare with fascination at the process, close the diaper and wait, or at least cover the area with a wet wipe...anything but just stare and having to yell for your partner to come and delicately peel off your poop covered t-shirt, so you don't get it all over yourself.
  • Babies are resilient: when my son was about 10 days old he started getting real fussy. So I assumed he was suffering from gas. So I gave him gas drops. Then I decided it must be colic, so I gave him gripe water. Then after 3 days and no let up of the occasional fits of fussiness, I hit upon the idea that the child might be hungry and I wasn't supplying enough breastmilk. Bingo! I added a bottle or two of formula a day and magically the "colic" went away. (I have since managed to catch up with his appetite).
  • All those cute outfits I was going to dress him up in? Yeah...well, now my favorite outfits on him are the full-body kind with feet and a zipper: no need for socks, no snaps, and he is warm. All his Ralph Lauren, Baby GAP and Gymboree outfits are side-lined in favor of Gerber Sleep 'N Plays.
  • Babies don't coo...well, at least mine doesn't. He makes the strangest noises, grunting, seal-like barking, wheezing, snorting and well, of course, passing gas...
Here are some recent piccies:

Rocking a Sarah Original Knitwear sweater.

Smiling for the camera. (I also called him Augustus Gloup for a few might be able to understand why I was having some issues making enough milk for the guy.)

Hanging in the swing.

Looking cute on Auntie Wieb's quilt.