Monday, February 09, 2009

Born Again American

Sarah linked to a Varifrank post about many Americans expressing their joy in Obama’s election, and how this translated into being proud to be American:

I was at the office after the inaugural when one of my liberal collegues came by to tell me how happy they were with the election and in a slip of the tongue he said "I’m so proud to be an American". He was expecting anger from me but I just said "feels good doesn't it? That sudden pulse of patriotism. Welcome to the side of the angels my friend!"

He stopped dead cold. He was genuinely feeling good and he was feeling genuinely patriotic and these were entirely new feelings for him.

I was reminded of this post today when I discovered this organization. The name is so apropos, it is almost ironic how it alludes to religious dogma: Born Again American.

The website explains: In the two weeks since the launch of the Born Again American initiative at the Inauguration kick-off event in DC, over 1.5 million Americans have committed to get involved in their communities and serve the country by visiting The Born Again American campaign includes a specially commissioned song and interactive website offering visitors the opportunity to reaffirm their belief in American values that hark back to the Declaration of Independence.

According to the website: In a matter of days, Americans from the left, right, and center have come forward and declared themselves Born Again and shared this message with their friends and loved ones via the Internet.

Hmmm…somehow I find it hard to believe that there are that many people on the right that have come forward. It’s sad to me that many Americans can only be proud of their country if their candidates get elected. I’m still proud of America whether or not my preferred candidate is in office. America is so much more than its elected officials (thank goodness!).

I just find it so sad that people can only pledge to make the country a better place when they like the current POTUS.

All this pledging (the recent celeb pledge video) and this pledge, make me a little nervous, too. What happens when their candidates aren't in office in anymore? Do they renege from their pledges?


Blogger Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, I totally agree. I actually feel sick to my stomach when I hear someone say that they aren't "proud of America" or worse yet, not "proud to be an American", considering all of the precious blood that has been shed to make this country great. I know that my feelings wouldn't be any less if we had a Republican versus Democratic president...our history is so much bigger than political parties. Good post.

3:33 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

"reaffirm their belief in American values that hark back to the Declaration of Independence."

You know, I find this ironic, since the Dec of Ind was written when people got sick of paying taxes...heh.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Gin said...

I'm gonna go with a 'probably renig that belief' when their preferred leader changes. Amazing how patriotrism can float on the breeze for some people. Sure, they love their freedom and their ability to complain about their freedom without persecution but to stand absolute with their freedom without prejudice or bias seems like such an 'old-school' attribute to them.

2:36 PM  

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