Monday, May 09, 2005

Cheese-d*ck stuff for my man!

Back in December when I had just started my blog, I happened upon a milblogger deployed to Mosul, Iraq. What I liked about his writing was how he tried to approach everything with humor. And when some topics inevitably couldn't be treated with humor, how he eloquently put into words the human emotions that couldn't be laughed away.

Now Sminklemeyer is back in the country he served with such valor, and he is back in the rat race, where apathy has replaced terrorists in becoming his worst enemy. However, he still remains the sweet and caring Sminkie. Today I read a sweet post he had written about the renewing of vows of a good friend of his who had married before deployment:

"He was in love… In love with a woman who would never leave him and could endure the trials of any war. She is just one of a thousand women who stand by their men after they kiss their loved ones goodbye. Why? Because there is not another man – or woman for that matter – who could fill their heart with such raw emotion. And their love could never be captivated by words or a movie."

This is what my boyfriend would call cheese-dick stuff. But I have to say that one sentence really sums up my feelings for my boyfriend: there is not another man who could fill my heart with such raw emotion. This one sentence sums up so well why I will survive this deployment, even if I am kicking and screaming the whole way through.


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