Saturday, July 16, 2005

Bush and bikes

I have a friend who is a Scottish policeman, so I wrote him an email asking about how he experienced the G8 summit, and he wrote me the following:

G8 was pretty cool, I had to work 12 days of 12 hour nightshift and was at the nuclear weapons depot and other events that took place.

One of the guys in my station called " George " got hit with a bike which George Bush was riding. George Bush was riding a bike in Gleneagles at about 100mph. When he was passing, he said to a bunch of riot police "Thanks for being here guys" but then came flying off the bike and skid his arms and elbows. The bike then crashed into George.

The adviser to the president then phoned George an hour later and told him that the president would be phoning to apoligise, and 15 minutes later he was on the phone saying sorry.

I personally would have milked it and asked for a tour of the white house and a trip on air force one.

Thought it was an amusing little story.


Blogger Shannon said...

Tells you a lot about the character of our President. One of the many reasons I respect him not only as CIC, but also as a person.

Remember when Kerry was "knocked down" on the ski slopes by a secret service agent there to protect his sorry tail? Kerry's response was to yell obscenities at him...which screams to the character (or I should say, lack thereof) of the slimeball...

8:39 AM  

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