Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I love these kids!

I love checking out the teenie conservatives blog-site, A Youth's View From The Right. Their sense for hyperbole is really amusing. Here's a few nuggets.

  • "The Oil-for-Food scandal, the biggest scandal in history, is completely underreported."
  • When commenting on gun control: "Once we have nothing to protect us with, we will just have to give the burgler, rapeist (sic), or murder what he wants, and that would be retarded."

(The bold writing is my emphasis.)

There is also a post which mirrors my feelings on the criticism of America's donation to the tsunami stricken countries. I hear a lot about how much some countries have donated, and how the US's monetary donation is stingy in comparison. Well, actions speak louder than words for me, and the US military were one of the first there to help. Some of the first actual humanitarian aid in the form of clean water and food came from the marines of the USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Bonhomme Richard. I think immediate help counts for a lot. This sentiment is echoed in this article by a German journalist:

Europe has neither the power, nor the position, nor the material to make a logistic contribution worth mentioning. It is the strong, not the likable, who can provide effective help. Help is provided not by freighters, but by aircraft carriers. The starter’s gun for this massive humanitarian action was fired in Washington, not in Brussels or Berlin.

I digress...the Youth's View crew even commented on the story about Florida Rolf from here in Germany. These kids are doing research beyond the fishbowl...I'm impressed. [By the way, in addition to Florida Rolf, there are Viagra Kalle and Yacht Hans, also shining examples of abuse of Germany's generous social system: the former was an uninsured guy who had been on welfare for a while, and then got his doctor to prescribe him Viagra, and then get the prescription filled under his welfare coverage, the latter was a guy who had been on welfare despite the fact that he was pretty wealthy, owning his own apartment, car and sailing boat.]


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