Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The military and preventative measures

My boyfriend is always complaining about Army regulations. There are a lot of rules in the Army, and not all of them are good. Basically, one person will do something stupid, and because of his or her stupidity, everyone else has to follow some anti-idiot regulations..and most of the time, these regulations just don't make sense. Luke, at My Vacation in Iraq, has a post about just such a regulation after someone in his unit "misplaced" their weapon:

Now some guy from higher up is making all sorts of stupid rules like. You have to take your weapon to the bathroom that is 10 feet from the door of our building. Yet you are not allowed to take it all the way across the FOB to the GYM. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard... Get this you don't have to bring your weapon to the shower trailer that is right next to the bathroom one that you do have to take your weapon to. One E6 joked around by saying lets just bring towels with us everywhere and leave out 9's in our rooms. Then we can just say we are going to the shower or the gym at any point when someone stops you and asks you where your weapon is...

This post at Life in X Minor had me cracking up too.

Oh, and just a little intersting nugget: If you have ever wondered how military systems get their names, you should read this little post:

Names should appeal to the imagination without sacrifice of dignity, and should suggest an aggressive spirit and confidence in the capabilities of the item. They should suggest mobility, agility, flexibility, firepower, and endurance when these characteristics can be related to the item.
2. Popular names for items in the following categories are based on the criteria set forth above:
a. Infantry weapons—Famous Americans. Example: MACARTHUR.
b. Field artillery weapons—action nouns. Examples: PALADIN, CONQUEROR, and PEACEMAKER.
c. Air defense artillery weapons—action nouns. Examples: AVENGER, STINGER, and VIGILANTE.
d. Tanks—American generals. Examples: ABRAMS and SHERIDAN.
e. Armored combat vehicles (less tanks)—animals associated with speed. Examples: CHEETAH,COUGAR, and PANTHER.

And the list goes on.


Blogger FlyGuyTiliDie said...

It’s true! Most of these “idiot regulations” are the product knee-jerk reactions due to someone else’s stupidity. One such BAF regulation comes to mind: We have these little vehicles (gators and mules) that our platoons use to move tools, parts and pieces etc. Top speed on these babies is somewhere around the 5-7 mph range. Because there are so many rocks, we rarely top 3 mph. We have to wear helmets and seatbelts when operating these things while the pedestrians pass us up by foot.

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