Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Come fly with me!

Plane Tickets? Check.

Travel Insurance? Check.

Visas? Check.

China here we come!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I drove to the Chinese Embassy in Frankfurt to get our visas for China. This was the final check on our list of things to get done for our trip that starts in two weeks.

This has been an adventure we have been planning almost since he left to Afghanistan. Yesterday were were trying to pinpoint the moment we decided that was where we were going on our post-deployment trip. It almost seems now like I can't remember a moment where it wasn't in our grand scheme of things.

We will be starting in Beijing and zig-zagging down through China, to end our trip in Hong Kong. We are both excited about seeing all the amazing sights like the Great Wall and the Longji Valley to mention a few, and trying to get a sense for ourselves of this huge monolithic communist regime, the sights you don't always see. Like, will there be military presence everywhere? To what extent will their political regime be present and visible?

This is also a first for me: a major trip with my boyfriend. We have made a lot of little trips together, weekends away, and visiting familiar surroundings, but this will be the first longer trip to a foreign country together. I have traveled a lot alone or with friends, but this is the first time that I will be traveling with my boyfriend. We tease each other about the possible pressures of traveling together for 3 weeks through a foreign country, but both look forward to sharing such an experience with each other.

I am sure that I will have loads to blog about when we come back...;-).


Blogger nicole said...

I think your trip will be amazing and I hope you post lots of pictures :) Most importantly, ENJOY your man! :)

5:15 PM  
Blogger Stacy Kaye said...

You are going to have an amazing time! When we were there, we noticed a huge military presence. We especially noticed it when we were in the more rural sections of China. Oftentimes we would be standing in a public area talking and we would suddenly notice a military guard standing VERY close to us, listening in on our conversation. There are ears EVERYWHERE! You may notice it as well. They are always trying to see what you are saying and if it goes against their rules. We also found that many people would ask us if they could take a picture with us! This was more common in the rural areas as well, where they do not see many Westerners. You may come across that. We always said yes, and it was fun to see them giving the peace sign in every photo! HAVE FUN! Make sure that you kiss on the Great Wall! Not everyone can say that they have done that! :)

8:34 PM  
Blogger Stacy Kaye said...

By the's good to have you back! ;) Will you be able to post when you are in China? Probably not...remember to keep track of all of the stories you want to tell us. We'll be waiting!

9:29 PM  
Blogger Teresa said...

Have a wonderful trip. One of my friends adopted a baby girl from China about a year ago - they were there for 2 weeks. The one thing he had to say when he got back... there are VERY few places with heat! So, if it's cold... once you leave the hotel you will very likely find no place that is warm. Not stores, not tourist attractions.

He was pretty much stunned. Never having considered that there wouldn't be heat anywhere but the hotel. LOL So, if you'll be somewhere that the weather follows our usual seasons... remember to bring layers and dress warm. Otherwise, they found the trip to be fascinating and were in several different areas of China on their way to pick up their daughter.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

You lucky duck

5:13 AM  
Blogger Day by Day said...

Can't wait to hear your stories! ;)

Have fun!!!!

6:59 AM  
Blogger katiedid said...

Oh wow - that is really neat.

And please don't laugh at me, but I really believe the best test for any relationship is to go on a tourist trip together. I don't know why, but it just is.

Have fun, and don't make me twist your arm to share some pictures later on when you get back :)

5:04 AM  

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