Saturday, February 25, 2006


I love Oh No, They Didn''s this blogging collective, where people can post the newest celebrity rumors...I have no need to buy Star, The National Enquirer or Us Weekly anymore...ONTD has it covered.

Yesterday I found two interesting stories posted there, which were more of a cultural-political nature, than gossipy.

Firstly, pirated copies of Brokeback Mountain have hit the Turkish blackmarket. How have they translated the title of the movie? Try Faggot Cowboys. No mincing with words there. This is probably not the title it will have when it hits the Turkish cinemas, this is just a creation of the DVD pirators...but then again, maybe it will never make it into Turkish cinemas. However, the fact that this DVD is even available on the blackmarket there, shows that there is interest, so I guess, we have to look at the bright side.

The second story was about Deeyah, a.ka. the Muslim Madonna, whose newest music video is apparently cause for uproar in the Muslim community:

Asian music TV network B4U TV dropped the video after receiving complaints."We played the video a couple of times and then did not play it again. We had threats which we were forced to take very seriously. These things are sensitive issues," an employee said.

What issues make this video so sensitive you ask?:

(...)the video What will be? deals with Muslim women's rights and female empowerment, as it also features Muslim women who have fought for freedom of expression. she does strip off a burka to reveal her bikini-clad body. My bad for trying to twist the facts. So now she belongs to that exclusive (but now becoming less and less exclusive) group of critics of Muslim fanatism with death threats:

The singer, who was born in Norway but moved to the UK after her act alienated her from the Muslim community, has been forced to cancel performances and hire a team of bodyguards after inciting anger from British Muslims as well."I can't walk around without bodyguards. I would be lying if I said abuse from religious fanatics did not upset or scare me," the 28-year-old, dubbed as the 'Muslim Madonna' was quoted by Contactmusic, as saying.

You can see the video here.


Blogger nicole said...

Oh I'm cracking up from that "literal" translation...hee...hee. I guess sometimes the political correctness that gets "lost in translation" makes the world sorta funny, huh? :)

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