Thursday, January 26, 2006

Afghani Dan flies on a Chinook

Every once in a while I do technorati searches for blogs mentioning chinooks and afghanistan, to see if there is anyone reporting about their experiences riding one...and most often a Big Windy chinook...and I hit pay dirt today:

The flight line at Bagram is a hub of activity--there was a number of helicopters doing flight prep when we found one heading where I needed to go. It was classic, since it's such a pain in the rear to get on a fixed-wing flight, yet just find a laid-back helo crew with some space and you're on your way.

He also has some pics of the snow caps mountains as seen from his flight and his lamenting amused me:

And I've yet to find a helo crew who will accomodate some heli-skiing requests, but I'll keep trying.


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